There are many positive effects associated with pet ownership, including improved physical and mental health, as shown in J. Sherpell’s study . Sounds crazy to me, but there are definitely some people out there who just don’t understand why people like cats. Then, why do they need to have a pet? People have said, “The only creature to love someone more than it loves itself, is a dog.” The love doesn’t stop there; cats, hamsters, rabbits, and many other animals have unconditional love towards you. Unfortunately, some people have a pet just to look "cool" and these animals are usually neglected, abandoned or abused once they are no longer the "cool" animal to own. Also, some people live alone and a pet is their only company. Mostly, people have pets for companionship. Why Do People Keep Pets. In some countries, the locals tend to be harsh with their pets.

Studies have shown that people with pets are generally happier than people without pets. Especially for seniors and people who live alone, pets bring joys, entertainment, and love.

It cannot be denied that some of them eat dog meat. I will try to describe the most wide-spread situations and understand the major motives that drive people towards the purchase. From 1970 to 2010, the number of cats and dogs in households has risen from 67 million to an estimated 164 million. Firstly, a lot of old people keep pets at home to feel less lonely and to have a companion in their everyday life.

Studies have shown that having pets is a way to keep people live longer. Some people own dogs for protection and a sense of security. Each purchase of pet has its own history and emotions behind, which is also very interesting feature of this reality. Why do people have pets?

I have a pet cat which i saved on the day she was meant to be put down at the pound so in my case I have a pet because she needed a home and it was the best decision i have ever made.

It is an issue that a pet lover cannot accept it. People decide to buy pets in different situations and for different reasons.

Why People Want to Have Pets?...Why There Are So Many People Have Pets? They are loyal, understanding, and lovable. As such, many people in North America consider pets an extension of family—some would argue that a home just isn’t a … They don’t get why people have them, why many spend countless hours looking at hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of them – and the videos! Why do homeless people have pets? Pets keeps occupied a lot of time of their days, doing things such as taking the pet out for a … Why Do Many People Have Pets?

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