The fan settings do work just fine on the older Trixx versions.. Date released: 19 Sep 2019 (8 months ago) Download.

On Sapphire theres various versions of Sapphire Trixx, try to download older versions to see if it works.

See all. SAPPHIRE TriXX is a powerful application that serves to overclock SAPPHIRE graphics cards in order to achieve the best performance permitted by this … SAPPHIRE TriXX 6.8.0. Older Version(s): Beta V3.0.5 Beta V3.0.4 Beta V3.0.3 Beta V3.0.2 Beta V3.0* (Download link on page.) The zip contains TriXX OC Utility V3.0 beta. Old Versions; SAPPHIRE TriXX 7.3.0. Date released: 22 Jan 2020 (4 months ago) Download. This post is updated as new versions are released. Nbz , May 5, 2011

Sapphire RX590 Special Edish here/ Win10 1809. All versions. *The file from the above page, (3.28 MB), has been tested and is free from viruses/malwave. Sapphire today released version 6.0.0 of TriXX its graphics card overclocking, tuning, and monitoring utility, included with Sapphire graphics cards, yet compatible with a wide variety of graphics cards. SAPPHIRE TriXX 7.0.0.

My Sapphire HD6850 supports voltage tweak/control on Sapphire Trixx. Newest Version: V4.0.2 (Now publicly available.) Problem is that the fan control settings will not work with Trixx 6.6.0 version. Date released: 16 Sep 2019 (8 months ago) Download. Sapphire TRIXX 7.3.0 (latest) Sapphire TRIXX 6.4 Sapphire TRIXX 5.2 .

Sapphire TRIXX helps users to get the optimum performance from compatible SAPPHIRE graphics cards in any application by allowing them to monitor, tune and save different settings of …

The release of SAPPHIRE TriXX 6.1 also introduces the self-diagnostic SAPPHIRE Fan Check system to all SAPPHIRE NITRO RX 400 series users (RX 480, 470 and 460).

Date released: 28 Jan 2019 (one year ago)
SAPPHIRE TriXX is a crucial software package for any owner of Sapphire Graphics cards, helping them to achieve the best performance that can be extracted from their powerful gaming hardware, monitor the stability of their graphics card, and take full control over the visual aspect of their PC gaming experience.

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