And a balanced energy flow through our energy body is the essential prerequisite for health, emotional balance and wellbeing. Now, this vital life force can become blocked. 6 OVERLOOKED ROOT CAUSES OF DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY. For introverts living with social anxiety, it’s like being trapped in a recurring loop in hell. Like an orphan, I had no idea who my Father was. You may have social anxiety however, if you feel like throughout your day you're bombarded by anxious thoughts/feelings during social situations that otherwise seem so effortless for most people. God was my father, but I didn’t know it. We all have a physical body and an energy body. I’ve written extensively about my past experience with social anxiety and all the symptoms associated with it, in order to help other fellow introverts in this position. As humans were are social creatures, meant to interact and commune with others.

Welcome to the club. While western medicine usually treats these conditions as chemical imbalances that require medication, there are deeper root causes that are often overlooked. I didn’t know He was taking care of me. I didn’t understand how much He loved me—and how much He loves being our Father. But it’s recently dawned on me that not every introvert who suffers from social anxiety is even aware that they do. The root of all fear, anxiety, and worry is an orphan spirit. The most effective way to overcome anxiety disorder is with the combination of good self-help information and professional therapy (often referred to as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - CBT).[]. Under stress, several hormones are released into the human bloodstream including the two major players called adrenaline and cortisol, which are both released from the adrenal glands. The root cause of your anxiety - the serious problem that needs urgent attention. This is a community to share strategies and learn from others!
This can lead to the third root cause of depression and anxiety: isolation. Before diving into the root causes of stress and anxiety, it’s important that we briefly explore what happens inside the body in response to stressors.
Being socially at ease with the members of one’s fellow group alliance implies a level of trust that is established over time, and usually in a small geographical area. However, many of us are living behind the screens of our computers and our phones missing out on in-person social interactions and the nourishment we get from being in community with others. Inflammation What it is: Inflammation is a normal response of your body to injury, toxins and infections. 1.

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