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The Woodcarver By Chuang Tzu - posted in Broad (or Edged) Pen Calligraphy: Sharing a transcription of a poem by Chuang Tzu, translated by Thomas Merton. Wavy Gravy (born Hugh Nanton Romney, May 15, 1936) is an American entertainer and activist for peace, best known for his hippie appearance, personality and countercultural beliefs.

Sitting Up, Standing, Taking Steps poem by Ron Silliman. From the annotated lyrics, we learn that he was born John Luther Jones, and got the nickname "Casey" from a town (Cayce, Kentucky) nearby where he was born. I Think Were All Bozos on this Bus: Waiting for the Electrician Or Someone Like Him: All Things Firesign: Anythynge You Want To: Shakespeares Lost Comedie [Cast Recording] Back From the Shadows - The Firesign Theatres 25th Anniversary Reunion Show: Boom Dot Bust: Dear Friends: Fighting Clowns: Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death 13 Copy quote. King at the Texas International Pop Festival in 1969.
Might, Enjoy, Bus. Share Wavy Gravy quotations about fun, clowns and laughter. In order for us all to step away from the blame game that is isolating us with devastatingly polarizing roles, we need to first agree to an amnesty.

Let’s start by agreeing that yes, as the patron saint of Woodstock Wavy Gravy says, we are all Bozos on this bus. Discover Wavy Gravy famous and rare quotes.

... we're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. We’ve all … His moniker was given to him by B.B. Mar 29, 2014 - Profiles in Barbeque Sauce by The Firesign Theatre | eBay is a unique online dictionary that contains a huge collection of rhyme entries for almost any given word in English — collaboratively assembled by contributing editors. A large wood table with only a green bottle of white Rhinewine atop it empty. ... Wavy Gravy. Laughter is the valve on the pressure cooker of life. High gray sky.

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