The earliest programming languages were assembly languages, not far removed from instructions directly executed by hardware. Ever since the invention of Charles Babbage’s difference engine in 1822, computers have required a means of instructing them to perform a specific task. Visual Basic can also be used within other Microsoft software to program small routines.

It was initially released in the year 1991 and was declared a legacy in the year 2008.
This means is known as a programming language. A History of Computer Programming Languages.

Definition Visual Basic can be defined as integrated development environment (IDE), and an event-driven and third-generation programming language. History of the BASIC Programming Language by Andrea M. Marconi The Birth of BASIC The BASIC (Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) programming language was born in 1964 at the Dartmouth College, New Hampshire (USA), where it was developed by John G. History of BASIC programming Language Posted on September 2, 2011 by k10blogger BASIC (standing for Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code ) is a system developed at Dartmouth College in 1964 under the directory of J. Kemeny and T. Kurtz. Computer programming language, any of various languages for expressing a set of detailed instructions for a computer.

BASIC, a computer coding language designed by John George Kemeny and Tom Kurtzas in 1963, was initially invented to more easily teach programming to undergraduates, reports ThoughtCo. Although there are many computer languages, relatively few are widely used. The original BASIC programming language was developed by John Kemeny, Mary Keller, and Thomas Kurtz, and was introduced to the public on May 1, 1964. The language is developed by Microsoft for the purpose of the COM programming model. “BASIC was intended to be a computer language for generalists to use to unlock the power of the computer in business and other realms of academia,” reads the article. Computer programming language - Computer programming language - Visual Basic: Visual Basic was developed by Microsoft to extend the capabilities of BASIC by adding objects and “event-driven” programming: buttons, menus, and other elements of graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Endless Loop chronicles the complete history of the BASIC programming language--from its humble beginnings at Dartmouth College, to its widespread adoption and dominance in education, to its decline and subsequent modern rebirth.. 1965 Simula is considered the first ever object-oriented programming language, developed around 1965 by Ole-Johan Dahl and Kristen Nygaard .

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