While the round was introduced to the hunting world in 1952, it was adopted by NATO two years later as the 7.62x51mm round. LONG RANGE , Accessoires armes et tir, Optiques, Lunettes, Jumelles, Munitions et accessoires, Rechargement de munitions, Armes, Munitions Catégorie B .

Although it Is the single most successful hunting cartridge in history, the .30-06 was actually designed as a military round 112 long years ago. Long range shooting requires alot of practice, and not just at paper. 30-06 Springfield Barnes VOR-TX Long Range Ammunition 30-06 Springfield 175 Grain LRX Polymer Tipped Spitzer Boat Tail Lead-Free Box of 20 Product Family #: 1020722370 OK, let's get this straight: ... Just last week I used a 180-grain bullet from a .30-06 to take a nice Montana elk at 325 yards. The 30-06 can be loaded with a wide variety of bullets, increasing its versatility and keeping prices low. Total satisfaction with product & support. When .308 was first offered to the public, .30-06 was the dominant cartridge for marksmen and competitive rifle shooters. The following is a 1000 yard 30-06 ballistic charting of a Remington 30-06 Springfield 165 Grain AccuTip Boat Tail with a BC (Ballistic Coeficient) of .447 that was … Fermer. En savoir plus et gérer ces paramètres. Re: 30-06 Long Range Loads 185s are as heavy as Im willing to go in my 24" rifle (Im sure 190s aren't much diferent) due to the fact that the 30-06 just doesn't have the umph to launch the heavier 30cal bullets at good enough velocities to maintain enough down range energy and velocity for good bullet expansion on game. 1500 yards or less it’s one of the best common rifle calibers out there, that can be shoulder fired. Thus, it feeds better in semi-auto rifles and machine guns. While the .30-06 was meant for rifles with a long action, the .308 was meant for short action rifles. Why 308 vs 30-06 for long range shooting? * True, the 308 can be hand-loaded to factory 30-06 specs, but hand-loaded 30-06 can be loaded to shoot flatter. The 30-06 Springfield served as the United States primary sniper round from WWI up through the first half of the Vietnam conflict when finally both the US Army and USMC standardized on the 7.62x51mm NATO.

But they don't need the down range energy, that you would on a tough animal IMO- I would leave the 30-06 for shooting at 500 yards or less.

Get the Most Out of the .30-06. Reloading the 30-06 for Long-Range Shooting. With 190gr (or heavier) bullets and RL22, you take the .30-06 to a level far beyond the .308 (and actually, close to factory .300WM), and at safe pressure levels. I figured 11 inches of drop, held just below the backline, and the bullet arrived exactly where it was supposed to. Long range, high capacity, high rate of fire, light weight (comparatively). La nouvelle 700 Long Range a été pensée et créée afin de s'imposer pour le tir sur cible à longue distance. The .308 Win cartridge is usually found in short actions, while the extra case length of the .30-06 requires a long action rifle.

30 years ago though I am sure that it was the choice of many. It can handle North America’s largest bears, and it truly shines on game such as deer, elk and moose. While the round was introduced to the hunting world in 1952, it was adopted by NATO two years later as the 7.62x51mm round. * True, the 308 can be hand-loaded to factory 30-06 specs, but hand-loaded 30-06 can be loaded to shoot flatter. Military snipers have used the .308 caliber for years. As popular as it is, the aging .30-06 was designed in a different era, for a different set of needs. While the .30-06 was meant for rifles with a long action, the .308 was meant for short action rifles. The ought-six offers good ballistics and served as an outstanding sniper round while in service.

The 30-06 is a capable gun. Londero Sports vendent REMINGTON au meilleur prix sur le marché canadien.

En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies pour vous proposer des contenus et services adaptés à vos centres d’intérêts. * 30-06 and 308 use the same bullets, hence identical bullet shape ballistics. In today's long range hunting world of high powered magnums the 30.06 might be laughed outta the conversation - especially for elk. IMHO, loading a .30-06 bolt gun using loads that are suitable for a Garand is just plain foolish.

With the 30-06, it is not difficult to develop good loads for 600- to 1000-yard shooting. The .30-06 is one of the most versatile large rifle cartridges on the planet (it’s technically not a “large” rifle cartridge) – we will touch on that later. Finding the best .30-06 rifle is relatively easy as the gun has a pretty strict set of parameters it operates under. * shorter actions, lighter guns, wouldn't necessary affect long range shooting from a purely "shooting" aspect. It does what I want 20 rnds, 30-06, which bridges the gap between an AR-10 & 300 Win Mag. The 30-06 reloader can choose among a huge variety of suitable components for this classic cartridge. Carabine Remington R 700 Long Range cal.30-06 Conçue pour regrouper trois tirs dans un seul point ! For optimal long-range performance, pick a streamlined, heavy-for-caliber bullet like the Nosler 190-grain AccuBond Long Range (center) rather than a traditional flatbase Spitzer. Another way to put the 30-06 Springfield into perspective is to consider the current popularity of the 308 Winchester as a long range hunting rifle.

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